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The Starlight Technique


As civilizations go through the last of their turbulence from competitive cultural hangovers, the ancient wisdom and scientific techniques that fostered an expanded consciousness once kept secret by shamans, priests, gurus, and masters, are now being revealed in a clear and simple manner.

I've always felt that human beings were capable of so much more than what I was seeing around me. Sure every now and then someone would demonstrate exceptional record breaking skills in athletics, arts and entertainment, math and science. But what about the rest of us? Don't we have the same or close to the same apparatus inside of us?.

Many years ago I had an experience that seriously compromised my health and I thought death for me was surely imminent. But something seemed to rescue me, a very beautiful light, something I later learned came from inside of me. So I began a journey to learn about that light, about my consciousness, and about my abilities, and the experiences I gathered along the way developed within me both a love and a longing for something I call peace.

I'm not talking about the end of a war or an argument, that's merely a treaty, an agreement, albeit an important event. But what I'm trying to describe here is an actual physical experience, a vibration that is so powerful yet so gentle and peaceful. It's an event of physics that takes the form of light and dark, sound and silence and both measurable and immeasurable sensation. It's beautiful, it feels good, and sometimes I refer to it as an experience of love, not romance or person to person relationship, but an actual vibration that at times seems to permeate everything in existence.

I read that throughout history many great teachers talked about this so I studied them and I traveled, and I learned different techniques from so-called gurus and masters, etc. After practicing various techniques and helping several teachers deliver their messages for many years, I was finally able to realize a simple formula that I could pass on to others. It's called The Starlight Technique. It's simple, it's roots are similar to those of many teachers, but it is unique unto itself. It's the tech of the times, so to speak, free of the frills and trappings of the past. And all you need is your own sincere desire to learn, your own sincere desire for peace and love in your very own life, and a determination to reclaim what is rightfully yours in the first place. In fact once you learn the technique, if you like it, you are most welcome to pass it on to others. No special training, no special powers of transmission, special talents, etc. are required. Everyone has the innate ability to learn and everyone has the unalienable right to access it because it belongs to each and every one of us as part of our natural human package. There is no fee for anything here, and no donations are asked for.

Although the technique is simple, some of you may have difficulty focussing within yourself free from the ever chattering mind. I do also at times. It takes effort. You have to be motivated. You have to be inspired sometimes. Often just being aware of all the problems that humans face is enough to make me want to do something, anything, that will contribute to the peace for this world. Just turn on the television and watch a bit of news on any given day. It's quite apparent that there is a great deal of suffering in this world. But what can I do? Why do I even relate to the pain of this world? Because I have experienced my share of that pain, and I have asked for help,and I have received help and it is so much better to feel good than feel bad. Although sometimes feeling bad is a good lesson and motivation to seek improvement, one doesn't have to have a bad experience to understand one's natural course of evolution. Very simple. First I have to experience that peace within myself. It feels good. I need peace because it is the foundation of my life and consciousness and when I really feel it and experience it for even a short time, I start to become aware of all the healthy, creative, and fun things humans could be doing. Then that becomes my motivation! I guess I have to remind myself or be reminded from time to time, that there is a choice. I am not trapped. I can choose peace and health and creativity and fun. Even many of those persons who are ill or have some type of debilitation are now making incredible efforts and achieving success never thought possible. Many of the new people coming into this dimension, the children, are simply amazing. The power, the ability does exist within us, and we need to learn how to tap into it. I hope you find this technique helpful.

The Starlight Technique has nothing to do with any religious concepts, although some persons may read things into this at times. The book, the Starlight Technique, discusses some of the political and emotional ramifications religions have injected into our lives and the need to be liberated from such when they counter personal freedom and growth. If you need help with those things then you may want to consult a person of religion or some type of therapist trained in such, just as if you are experiencing difficulty breathing or have pressure or pain in your head or anywhere in your body, you may want to consult a doctor. Those symptoms may be indicative of a condition that needs professional attention. Maybe not. It may be that one is simply experiencing some type of change, some type of personal growth. But if you have any concern, please contact some health care professional or a good friend or family member. I am not a doctor, a therapist, nor am I a person of religion. However I have never found myself or anyone to experience any problem with this simple practice, although sometimes some persons try to blame other things rather than face the truth about themselves, and sometimes some persons disingenuously try to discredit one practice in favor of another. The Starlight Technique is not about joining a church, club, cult, political party or any type of organization for that matter, and it is not intended to diagnose or treat anyone for any illness. However, upon practicing, you may become aware that you have a particular situation that needs further attention. A clearer self awareness is one of the benefits of practicing the Starlight Technique. A clearer self awareness is one of the benefits of taking time out and experiencing peace. This is about people just being people and I am simply sharing a recipe that I have found to be beneficial. It is just another tool out of so many that are available. Maybe we can all help one another have an easier, healthier, more creative and fun time on this planet. We can at least try. As evolution accelerates, many persons will have great difficulty with the changes that lay ahead. This is not a doomsday scenario. But as greater planetary and societal transformation takes place, those who are more prepared will hopefully help the others make their various transitions more comfortable. Remember that your life belongs to you, no one else. You have within you the same ability to access the same information as anyone else, and the ability to work with the energy of this incredible universe is right inside of you.

If you would like instruction for doing the technique you can click on to the link, The Starlight Technique Book, and go to page 49. That's where the description of the technique begins. I will try and make a short video soon demonstrating the technique so you can watch it being done and so you can practice with me if you want. I wrote the book about 15 years ago (1997) but rather than claim authorship, I feel more like I had the role of a secretary taking notes. I have evolved a great deal since that time, and hopefully will always continue to develop. I am still growing in understanding of what is in the book. Much of my personal journey seems weird to most people and I must admit that I still do not fully comprehend many of my experiences but I feel that by making an honest effort to communicate, the pieces of the puzzle will fall into place. I feel confident there are many others out there who relate to what I have written, and if we try to communicate without the slightest bit of fraud, embellishment, exaggeration, ego tripping, or hidden agendas, we will discover a great deal more of this universe and the possibilities it holds for us. I have not always lived up to that ideal, and I apologize for my short comings. And I forgive those who have not always been clear with me. So let's move on and try and help one another be as healthy and comfortable as we can while enjoying the adventures of discovery and learning that lay ahead.

If you have questions about what I have written here or the technique itself, or the book, I welcome you to email me. Please keep your emails focussed on the Starlight Technique. In the past lots of people asked me about various teachers, groups, movements etc. and I simply say I am not part of any group except the big universe that keeps expanding. I do not gossip about past teachers because I am grateful to all of them. In the larger synchronization of things, everyone serves an important purpose and that's hard to practice sometimes, especially if you feel someone has harmed you or cheated you. But it's well worth working through those issues and arriving at a greater understanding. We are constantly learning new things. So much of what was once taught by the scientists, the philosophers, the religions, and the politicians just doesn't work anymore. We are embarking on a new era with new windows for lots of new information. We are all students. We don't need to blame anyone for anything; that doesn't help nor is it warranted. We need to pay attention to where we are right now, find the root causes of problems, make the necessary changes, hold one another's hands and carry on. Where I am at right now in this life is that my experience of peace acknowledges and honors diversity without giving focussed attention to seemingly competing or conflicting attitudes or energies. This is competition and conflict free as I learn to let it be. So I am practicing letting both the mathematical and immeasurable waves of the universe unfold without compromising my comfort zone too much. They're going to anyway, and if I start to feel crunched it usually means my ego resistance needs a gentler transition so I use the technique (sometimes like brakes) and get back inside the safe zone of peace and just catch and ride the wave. A little splash of cold water in my face to wake me up every now and then is ok. I am just a simple dude who enjoys just being a simple dude and I like sharing this simple recipe for peace.

Thank you very much for your time and attention, Peter J. Pilot


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